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121 Maple Street, Croton-on-Hudson NY 10520
The way we do it

Homemade to us...means the most pure, natural ingredients straight from a local farm, our own garden, or Michael the local coffee roaster. Most other “homemade” ice creams are made by using canned fruit mixes and packaged flavor bases. At The Blue Pig, we wash and hull every strawberry, juice pounds of fresh ginger, hand grate cups of lemon zest, and finely toast each nut that gets put into our ice cream. The result? Pure,distinct flavors in every spoonful. We couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

Home Made
The way we do it

All of our ice cream is made from a specialty mix of milk and cream from Hudson Valley Fresh (free from steriods/antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, and gums). Hudson Valley Fresh is a not-for-profit dairy cooperative formed in 1998 to preserve nine family-owned farms in Duchess and Columbia Counties. Dedicated to quality, sustainability, and local production, Hudson Valley Fresh is the only dairy source I would ever consider for our ice cream!

As we like to say, “Your ice cream can only be as good as your milk.”  Hudson Valley Fresh’s milk is 36 hours from pasture to dairy, which is how we know it’s the best tasting, the best for you, and the best for our local farmers!

Made Fresh
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